Justice and Community Group

No one can chase two pigeons at once, as Jesus almost said in Matthew 6:24. For J&C members, chasing Jesus is what it’s all about, and that’s led us into…

  • changing our energy suppliers
  • paying more for our bananas
  • riding bicycles with banners
  • getting to know our MPs
  • wrestling with bindweed
  • starting a car club
  • making friends in the Congo
  • counting our carbon
  • painting ourselves blue
  • listing and sharing our possessions
  • making a working model of the global economy
  • housing refugees
  • taking a rickshaw over the Alps
  • being kind to criminals
  • celebrating the harvest
  • choosing an architect
  • having a bath in Dortmund Square

If our peculiar brand of haphazard holiness appeals, we’d love you to join us. We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 7.45pm.

If you would like more information, contact the Office.

Friday 19 April,  10:45am

Good Friday Service

Friday 19 April,  12:00pm

Good Friday Walk and Open Air Service

Sunday 21 April,  10:00am

Easter Sunday

Sunday 28 April,  10:00am

Sunday Worship

Saturday 4 May,  8:30am

Men's Prayer Breakfast

Get in touch…

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Tel: 0113 2628080
Church office is open between 9.30am and 2pm, Mon to Thurs

Email: harehillslanebc@outlook.com